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  1. stace! its me charles lah!! aiyohhh hahahaha

  2. Omg. who are you? sorry, hardly log in already

  3. Hi Guys, I used to visit the little bike wash corner at republic motors but since learnt that they closed down about a year back. would you all have any ideas where can I bring my cruiser to wash and hopefully polish the chrome parts? does any shops provide this kinda service? Cheers!
  4. Jul is a little hard for me on weekends as im working till about 9 plus.. maybe saturday nights about 10 ish for drinks at changi V ? up to you rex!
  5. haha thanks bro, anw , lesson learnt, now both helmets either come upstairs with me or into the box. hahaha!
  6. thansk stann. you know which part of JB to go? ah quah lane?
  7. BLESSING OR CURSE? Last night, I left my ugly ass white helmet on my bike and forgot to lock it up. kena stolen... in the end couldnt send my gf to work as i only have 2 helmets, had to ask her to take bus while I use her slightly smaller helmet ( lucky can fit ) a little annoyed as i was very sure that people wouldnt wanna steal such a flimsy looking white helmet ( quite dirty also ) but basket, inconvience me. ANYWAY.. I headed down to ahboy in the afternoon and bought this quite cool open face HYPER helmet, it has the sunglasses flip down thingy with the button. quite stylo milo
  8. Pasir ris riders slow & steady. haha! now we got 4 riders!
  9. LOL!!! mental note taken. don't engage in any sporting activities with francis. hahahaha!!!
  10. guess no ones knows .. so sad!!
  11. anyway shadow riders, I met Franciscyc today and saw his wicked shadow with his magnificent exhausts, cant wait to meet the rest of the shadow riders for outings, please do keep me in the loop!
  12. oh well, thanks bro!!
  13. uppppppppppppssssssssss
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