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  1. uppsss for the National Day Week..
  2. This Harley is in beautiful condition. The owner parks the bike in the same carpark as my bikes. This is one of the best looking Harley Sportster model with awesome exhaust sound. A great platform for those who like to customise their Harley. I think this model has more character than the new models that Harley is making now.
  3. Anyway, I will accept any reasonable price as long as its not a low-ball offer.
  4. I had to do a compression test and valve clearance, timing chain and chain tensioner had to be changed with new gasket, new chain and sprockets, new tyres and wheel bearings, new start button switch, radiator was flashed, new original Japan Yuasa battery, now stator coil has to be changed too. These already cost more than $2500. I also added some necessary accessories too. I also service the bike every 6 months although I only clock about 1000 km per year for the last two years.
  5. Yes. That is the bike. Had to spent a lot more then I expected to get the bike into a good shape. I had wanted to use it on the track but unfortunately PG is closed before I could get it ready. Not sure how long more PG will be closed. So i thought its better to sell it off now and get a comfortable dual purpose bike for long trip to Thailand and beyond.
  6. I did not change the paintwork after I got the bike. But it does look original. Timing chain and chain tensioner were changed when the valve clearance was done when I got the bike in 2015. Since then I have only riden about 2500km as I have a few other bikes.
  7. Uppssss for the last week of April.
  8. Yeah.. I was there for a seminar in Nov last year.. I remember that I managed to squeeze it in between a Busa and a RXK or RXZ..
  9. Bike is no longer available. SOLD.
  10. I told you so.... someone will appreciate your bike.... its in good running condition... COE prices for bikes drop will soon... so you can renew for another 10 years...
  11. Saw this bike today at Motorworld... much nicer in person too... good job... In case anyone else is looking for a S4 PB1, my friend is looking to sell his ... COE is ending in 2013 and he does not intend to renew it ...so you can have if for a good bargain... PM me if interested and I will pass you his contact..
  12. Hi, I have the following ducati stuff for sale... bought them for use on my ST.. but never got to fit them before I sold the bike... make a reasonable offer and the items are yours.. http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php/357714-Ducati-Stuff-for-Sale thank you...
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