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  1. http://bp1.blogger.com/_Y5JU0n4majU/R4opfXPInYI/AAAAAAAACZA/yqT_ja31Nys/s1600/FZ-150-Prototype.JPG is the india's ver different form the m'sia ones?.. Coz the india ver looks nicer heheh
  2. "everything incl the horrible gearbox. " tats true. i just changed my eo..and god! the gears feeelss niceeeee
  3. on my way along canberra road i saw a blue phantom again being ridden by a lady plate "F_2048_" she was riding damn fast lah..wakakak! make me sweat onli liao wonder if she's a SBF forumer
  4. wat is cafe racer sia? as in mccafe despacth rider?
  5. "wo0t.. after a while u get bored of washing and waxing.. lol..." let it be...let it be... just start the engine and Vrooom!
  6. hahah! im sure that answered some of our burning qns
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