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  1. Hi Bros, I am looking for Street Glide (less than 5 years old). pls let me know (hp:97671555) if anyone is selling.. Cheers
  2. I understand how u feel.. I am so happy that my service package is over.. I am planning to get another harley for weekends, but in my mind, always reminded me not to get brand new again.. I bought my 2010 sportster last year, I rode everyday, so my bike's servicing was often.. I was angry on every servicing.. for example - I was waiting their call to pick my bike, no one called me, called back, they went home, i couldn't get my bike, sometimes i had to cancel my ride coz of all this.. but now over...
  3. Yes.. Time to get Glide...
  4. I will be there.. Going for full trip.. See you guys..
  5. Hi Bros, My 2010 Sportster is just done 16k servicing.. Happy, No more Service package, No need to get trouble servicing at HD Singapore.. F#@$^ HD Singapore.. For putting on my new backrest and change rear brake pads only, charged me as labour $100+ (2.5hrs) Means slow or what? [email protected]$% HD Singapore.. Bros, pls check the price before u do..
  6. Sometimes I thought of trying my HD for off ride, but I know I don't have energy to put off the bike from mud..
  7. 883R is good.. hehe.. Get 883R..
  8. Why only for nightster and iron? Can I join with my orange?
  9. Cool OakleyKid.. U have nice bike.. I love the power of XR1200..
  10. Cool.. Sure we will.. I just changed pipe in a few weeks back.. I guess around my office, ppl hate me.. Tomorrow my new orange will go for first oversea ride to port dickson..
  11. yes, it's stereotype. I m young, I ride harley.. It's not about the bike, it's life style.. Pls count me in. I want join for kopi at sengkang also, with my orange.. he he..
  12. ya.. Must make all matt orange.. he hee
  13. Normally I do, Compare to my old bike, less vibes lots.. I have to ride fast in the morning coz of late for work.. sleep like lazy pig and try to hehe.. But I ride only 80kmph after work. Anyway where are you guys going on sunday? if any meet up or ride, pls let me know. Anyway what bike are you ridding? Triumph? I love Triumph Tiger.
  14. I ride Sportster, They will loan me a sportster. I haven't taken yet, Any fast bike is fine for me, coz i stay in jurong and work in changi. Without bike, I will die, Take Taxi - $40, Take MRT - 1 and half hour.. Now I will say Harley Singapore Management is nice. Ride safe, but ride fast..
  15. Ya.. Warrantly cover the parts.. I was really angry, I emailed and complained to Harley Singapore. HD Singapore Management called me and given my case, they will loan me a bike while my bike is with them. Now I am really happy since i can feel they care about their customers. Thanks Bros for letting me blow out here and share my problem. Lets continue to ride Harley..
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