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  1. Hi UM, i understand from your promotion tyre package, for Vtec 1, M5 is $208. How about Z8? How much for Vtec? Will be comimg to change this Saturday so can u kindly advise which outlet has stock? Thank you in advance.
  2. Hi guys, I've got a rack which I think fits a nouvo s. Selling off cheap as I sold off my nouvo. PM me if interested. Thanks.
  3. Thank you for the prompt reply. Does Pirelli Angel GT fit on a Vtec 1? If positive, how much and do u have stock? And also how much for T30? Thanks.
  4. Any recommendations for Super 4 Spec 1 sports touring tyre? For better milleage..currently on T30. How much pls?
  5. Hi there, I'm currently on T30 and about due for a new set of tyres. Any recommendations for better mileage sports touring type of tyres? Kindly advice pricing too. Thank you.
  6. Hi Bros, anyone selling stock standard handlebars? Pls PM me..thanks
  7. I had this problem once. Clicking sound but unable to start. A Malaysian guy told me to knock slightly on the starter motor. This will cause the carbon in it to drop off. N truly enough, I'm able to start the bike. Rode off to the nearest workshop n got it changed. Cost about $150 inclusive of flushing of coolant.
  8. Hi, all. I've 2 coach tickets to KL (one-way) for $50. Bus scheduled to depart on 3rd Oct, 10pm, on StarQistna Express. Pick-up point from Little India Arcade and alight at TBS (4 train stns away from KL Central). Anyone interested let me know.
  9. Bro, as of last week, JB Ah Boy quoted me RM$180 to spray rims. He advised to come early so as to allow paint to dry. And better to come during the weekdays.
  10. Hi bros, allow me to share, just recently changed to a new set of tyres at LAB. Decided on Battlax T30 n damaged was $290. The cheapest among the shops I checked with. Hope it will serve me well n give m better milleage then it's predecessor, BT023.
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