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  1. i think this is a somewhat pointless discussion becos thr wil be no clear conclusion in the end.. diff type n brand of fuel wil affect diff bikes differently.. do u understand ? its not like everyone who uses brand 'A' ron95 wil get better mileage.. everyone wil have varying results so who's going to consolidate them ? u ? and even if thr was any diff it wil be minimal n insignificant
  2. hey guys juz read an interesting article n i feel its useful enough to share wif everyone http://www.motorcyclistonline.com/howto/street_savvy/122_1101_an_airplane_pilots_approach/index.html
  3. i wld say get the best full face helmet u can afford.. but remember to always test it 1st.. my helmet is so comfy tat i 4get i'm even wearing one.. an uncomfortable helmet wil distract u when u need to pay ur full attention on the road situation
  4. rider wif broken down bike sits on his own bike n steer.. while the assisting biker uses his left foot to push on the right pillion footpeg of the broken down bike.. assisting rider wif his left leg straight throttles n pushes the broken down bike forward
  5. in regards to the beautiful stranger helping me in an accident.. well.. she turns out to be the owner of the car my bike scrapped against when i fell on a wet road.. and in the end i "helped" her back wif my beautiful yusof ishaks.. LOL once during a petrol run to 2nd link my bike ran out of fuel on the tuas bridge.. i was doing the great malaysian workout pushing my bike along the road shoulder when a malaysian stopped n offered assistance.. he helped pushed my bike while i was on it (regulars of boleh land shld be familiar wif the technique of someone else pushing u along using the pillio
  6. remember to always test the helmet u're considering to buy, for fit and sizing. like my own arai n shoei.. both r 's' size but the fit isnt exactly the same. the helmet must not be too loose nor too tight.
  7. get the new arai carbon full face rx7 then retails for 240,000yen tats abt sgd $3734 http://www.arai.co.jp/jpn/rc/rc_int.html
  8. haha.. didnt u oredi watched my track video on youtube.. anyway from the clips i myself have seen on youtube everyone more or less takes the same kind of line.. the more essential things are to figure out whr to brake, whr to downshift, whr to turn in and whr to apply the throttle
  9. hey johan.. i realise i dun have u on msn or anything.. pm me ur email add wil ya ?

  10. isnt it better ? can do some frenly sparring.. 400cc vs 400cc
  11. love the news abt motogp comin to singapore.. better yet.. the fresh tarmac of the permanent track.. oh yeahhh~~ anyway.. i was thinking of dressing up as dis fellow in the link below for halloween.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=71dSuSPXtR8
  12. hahaha.. isnt it supposed to be the 1st monday of every month ? now change to every monday eh..
  13. hi guys.. is the 3rd nov monday track session confirmed ? i wanna give my company advanced notice.. haha
  14. naked bike going fast = riding becoming naked ? anyway.. goin fast on a naked bike realli puts alot of strain on the rider's neck..
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