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    I still have the summon U wan??? lolx Pai say Pai say.... I'm the one who place it on your bike.... hehehe..... Hope u all enjoy urself
  2. The website is created on 19-Dec-2001...... Going live to internet should be plus minus that day.... Cheers!
  3. got go..... i took leave liao... afternoon i going.....
  4. Another thing the song is not call 劲�*�金曲2 It is call 情ge王 Got my msn?? [email protected] i send u the quality not as gd yet:angel:
  5. Who say three!!! I spelt only 1hr haiz after coming back the go work....then now at school and class finishing soon... going off for family dinner soon.... CSM Moblisation at wat time?? sms me pls:P I try to go if possible....
  6. 1.铁马帮会 2.铁马社团 3.铁马教 4.铁马帮 5.铁马号 6.铁马联合会 7.铁马社区 8.铁马俱乐部 9.铁马协会 还有吗?
  7. Now Now who is Kit-KaT!!! wahaha..... or u mean ah zhuo hahaha
  8. IRON HORSE POLO-T!!! (Only for Iron Horse) 1) Retro 2) Ah Fai 52) Yongster 4) candyys 5) Hanzi24 (Auto-Add) 6) MiSSyNic 7) J73 8) Wait for me 9) Anfarky 10) kOpi_jaC (PINK PLS) 11) Evo-Ken 12) Mengz_Zai lor ( Grey )
  9. got but u no date meh yong yong she is calling u
  10. i help KOPI say.... " I wan Pink":angel:
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