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  1. Bro can I ask u 4 question?? How many key did u get for the bike?? Cause they only gave me 1, n do u know where to duplicate this type of key?? Wat type of rack for the top box n side box n must it be the same brand or model cause I really know **** bout it.. Lastly have the ncs done the first meet up?? Im contactable -> 96818900 (Eddie) saggihearts .

  2. Oh ya, if u guys decide to not wait for e n43 anymore, then we can jus go regina somewhere this wk for mass purchase.
  3. U cant compare konda, n103 to n43 n hyperX. They r different.. Imho, it gotta depends on wats e purpose of the helmet. Touring or commute? U gotta think of your own riding habits n style too. Wat work for me, might not work for u. Fyi, i got a flipup for myself, but gonna get e hyperX/n43 for my pillion. Both only for touring.
  4. Caberg HyperX, list price: $350. Imho, more comfortably n lighter than n43. Sunshade works well, chin bar is located lower n further away from the chin.
  5. Btw, nowadays very hot n humid. Try to b more patience on the road n ride safely guys
  6. Hmm. So so in terms of what huh? Comfort, air vent? Later i will go down regina to check out the hyperx. If u guys dont wan the n43, n want to get other helmets, so long we grp buy at regina, i believe stil can broker a good deal for everyone
  7. Finally, KTV after so long!! KTV + July Babies Celebration (SW9000 and Zesture's CO) Date: 14 July 2011 (Thursday) Location: The Chevrons Time: 7pm -10pm Room cost banja by zesture. 1. zesture 2. zesture's ex-gf 3. SW9000 4. Robin 5. Scoobydoo 6. Fusionjaz 7. Atlantic? 8. jsilverwing? 9. Santos? 10. Brownkai? 11. DRK? Feel free to bring partners as well, just come and have fun even if you don't sing. Can listen to Robin sing.
  8. yes. they will have the tri-color, but it wouldn't be same price.
  9. Honestly, the s10 is not tat hot. The heat is well directed away out of the bike. So far, the only time i feel tat it is unbearable was when i was in a 30 mins jam at custom. My previous inline4 1100cc heats up a lot faster, n goes alot hotter. Below 90kmh n below can feel my leg sweating liao. Personally, i will wait til ard 15k b4 changing the coolant
  10. Update: went Regina on Sunday, stil waiting for shipment. Damn slow, tmr go lee siao them again
  11. Cham. Forgot haf dinner appt this Thursday..
  12. I'm considering getting original Honda coolant. They are supposingly very good as mentioned by several mechanics. Heard good things about it on many online source too. Worth checking out..
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