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  1. AL2222M for sale. Text/WhatsApp 94742004 for genuine interested buyer. Thank you..
  2. Go test ride... What you test is what you gonna like... Listen to people say this say that.... All here many keyboard warriors... I see and here many who talk bullshit and some don't know anything about owning a Harley... Got money buy... Then show... Then act like hard core harley rider.... Ohhh crap.... Wear harley clothing top to toe... Then put vest and patch this and that... Harley riders this days all pretend only... True harley riders will not talk about the bikes... Shut the trap and just ride... Distances are just numbers in the odometer... True reason for having a Harl
  3. What I'm gonna say may be offensive and hurt some bikers feelings... So don't be a flower and suck it in... Those days riding harley is awesome... You can ride and ride and not scrutinize by the white pigs... The louder the pipes the harlier your bike is... Putting on vest and ride is like a brotherhood... There's ride around this island and rides up north... Mostly rides up north to Malaysia thailand and as far as the road brings... Those who rides up far will know about Nicky hotel in phuket... These days it's about I have money... I buy harley.... I wear vest... I patch fou
  4. It's the HD day maker 7" LED.
  5. I've got a 7" led headlamp for touring model for sale... $650 nego for fast deal..
  6. I've got the led day maker headlamp $600.

    Handheld suspension pump $50

    Oil filters $10 each

    Screaming Eagles performance spark plugs $30

    Screaming Eagles exhaust mufflers $200

    Rubber gasket for the fairings $30

  7. Hi all I've got an almost new set of a travel paks for hard saddle bags up for sale.. It's yours for just $100.00 Do text/Whatsapp 94742004 to deal...
  8. Maybe perhaps engine oil low.. Pipe blockage.. Air filter chocked..
  9. Wow now so many riding streetglide then one day must have streetglide meet up...
  10. No doubt it's good buy now for the sale price but never buy their service package or buy extended warranty.. ECM screwed up just get new ones.. Or better still get aftermarket auto tune... Typical Singaporean buy things kiasu with warranty... Products are made and produce for use for a certain period... After that sure got wear and tear.. Plus dealers are not the only source of good products just that they have the distribution rights and with that everything over charge. Bmw owners from performance used the bike probably for two years... Whacked the bike and then after warranty exp
  11. It's the demo bikes... Now got to compete coz parallel also brings in harley... No more exclusive anymore just overpriced...
  12. Any friends who wanna buy harley, best is buy from parallel import.. Much cheaper and better after market services.
  13. If all of us work together send the emails to LTA, individual MP, NEA, minister of transport and question them as of what is illegal.. Be it emission coz for motorbikes there's hardly fumes of pollution as its too little to detect, and how about noise pollution..? What about the Maseratis, lambos, and Ferraris...? Some of us pay more road tax comparing to some cars.. One example I had was with my sprint vespa.. Caught on camera that this bike emits smoke.. Was ask to pay fine of $70.. I send these emails on what should I do to stop the smoke. They told me to use smokeless 2T.. What the h
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