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  1. I rode a M400 1998 before too. The clutch pump is a b!tch, gave my left hand a good workout everytime too. But the sound of it, sends tingles all over the body. the M695/696 is so much nicer and easier to ride. superb street and fun bike.
  2. hmm, where can i get this? http://www.webbikeworld.com/motorcycle-intercoms/interphone-bluetooth-intercom.htm
  3. Inline4 vs Inline4. Yes. Weight-wise, the 600 weighs almost the same as a 400. (if not even lighter) However horsepower wise is twice as much. Take note how many modifications and money people spend just to get a small amount increase in horsepower on their cars/bikes. The power-to-weight ratio and torque is way difference.
  4. Ok, love you deep deep ah pat. newton popiahs here i come !!!!
  5. will be dropping by newton and the event too. *not riding today, had a very late night yesterday.
  6. nowadays short trip not posted here? Feel like riding tonight.
  7. Still available? Can fit FZ6 S '06 model? $600 Can?

  8. Still selling your boxes? If so, how much for the panniers only (ie.no rack)? Pse sms to 92718781.

  9. Hey guys, my starter relay is making a whirring sound. Went to Minerva and bought a new one. Still the same problem. any ideas? Guess i am going to call for tow.
  10. yes i kena that too. Question is what if our bikes is left there for repair? how much will the parking fees chalked up?
  11. not worth the risk to speed in SG, licenses are valuable. but it's another story when we hit 2nd link.
  12. how fast were you going? let's hope they missed you.
  13. Legal ? I am running a pair of normal termis, but pretty scare of white ants when on the expressway.
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