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  1. Looking for No plate FU 111 G. Can contact me if willing to sell. Contacted old owner in this forum who owned the plate but its not with him, so if anyone knows current owner please pm me the contact number. Its an old plate that was sold here i think back in 2012 Thanks
  2. heya can tag along ? used to ride krr(juz sold mine on 13/6/2009) now ride zxr400. hope to learn more abt my bike as well as share all i know abt my ex bike haha i still remember when i first time i got my krr hassan helped go jb do up my krr ( didnt know anything abt bikes at that time and learn a lot in a day.)
  3. sup bro, hope ure okie after that incident =s As for me abt 1 week ago i had to jam brake on ecp as the car in front suddenly slow down from 120km/h+- to 40-50km/h ,,, the traffic in front was clear so its kinda wierd y he slowed down.. but i can see him pointing towards the port to the person sitting in the seat beside the drivers seat. so yea i jam both front n rear brakes but the bike was skidding( as in i can feel the back wheel wobble and my handle bars were moving left n right quite badly.) so yea after the incident i feel that my braking is not as smooth as b4[as in i feel bike tends t
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