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  1. Fjt at Rowell rd is the Honda agent, all parts u need is available there
  2. Just get the standard clamp and bend where needed
  3. Nice to see another bird in the north
  4. Intro la, bike color, carb, fi analogue, fi digital, pipe.... í ¾í´£
  5. Using BMW grips, works ok for me.
  6. Goody goody everywhere í ½í±í ¼í¿½
  7. Hahahahaahaha all busy flying here and there ma
  8. Been a while setting foot here, how's the blackbird riders here doing?
  9. Hey ryuon, do u have a pics of ur bb? Will update if there's any mass meet up which is sometimes held at kallang KFC.
  10. Gd write up and tips for those who wants a makeover
  11. Btw my name is Mao

  12. Hi bro can add me in the whatsapp group for the bb chat thank my number is 91821577

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