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  1. Hey there,


    I just saw your message and it so happens that I'll be letting go my F800GS however it will only be done some time in April this year when it reaches its first year anniversary.


    So hit me up with a ringer @ 9424 7464 when you've arrived in Singapore. We could meet up then..



    Leon Chan

  2. Hello boys, it is time. Gonna sell off my bike for 3k. But it's not to say that I'm gonna disappear too.
  3. Hello boys, it is time. Gonna sell off my bike for 3k. But it's not to say that I'm gonna disappear too.
  4. Are you serious? Pistol casket? I've never heard of it before. You could be in the wrong forum.
  5. Hey, are any of you guys on msn? Add me up if you are at LCWL @ hotmail.com
  6. The only time my handle bars actually touched the tank was when it crashed.
  7. Man... all the thailand tourers should assemble soon for further discussion. So hard to talk it out here. Farhan, my ohlins are probably on the black market now.
  8. 5 days sounds plausible, I will read up more and check back here. Fog lights will probably not be needed if there are at least 5 of us. I can't be certain anyway. Just the thought of installing them and never needing to use them again when I return to singapore is abit of a put off. Save as much as we can will be good. Spare parts. I'm thinking spark plugs, EO, Oil Filter. Probably a 1 or two cluctch cable will come in handy.
  9. We should start planning for thailand soon. There are a few things I can provide such as GPS and compass haha.
  10. No bro, got my bike back for a while back now. Using some cheapo suspensions which unexpectedly happens to feel pretty good actually haha. Anyways I fractured my ankle while playing paintball, that's why I got alot of time now to come online. MC for 7 days. I don't know why everyone keeps thinking that parts for this bike is hard to find. I haven't had any trouble servicing my bike at all up until this point.
  11. XJR thailand tour in July? I'm definitely 150% in and will not miss it! Won't be able to meet up with you all for the next two weeks. Fractured my ankle
  12. Yea I figured alarms are too pricey for me at this point. Anyway I'll be back in singapore next friday. Perhaps if anyone is not doing anything on Sat then lets meet up.
  13. Nah, parts are not that scarce as most people would believe. Plus side is most parts can be used different by makes, an example would be the oil filter that I'm using which is honda. You got everything right, except it's only two litres of EO and no coolant required, so that means more ching ching. Join the XJR group when you can, the team will be more than happy to overdose you with information.
  14. No comparisons can be made especially in this case when the bike in discussion is used by public for learning. So sub par performance and overall quality is exceptionally compromised. I never had any braking problems nor encountered 'tak tak' sounds that affects the rpm. The only 'tak tak' sound I've heard is from the oil pump, pretty much that's it I guess. Everyone here will tell you that it's a wonderful bike, one for the keeping. And as for the idle screws, there are in total four carbs so one will have to remove the tank to access it. You know the mechanic is full of **** when
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