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  1. true.enough for sg roads.dont make the mistake that s4 is compatible to m400 in the performance dept.i onced trash m400 wif my gs400 and was trash by s4 when i had my m400. when buying consider this 2a for life? if not when get class 2.u will be itching performer/poser? s4 performs hand on/hands off? dukes need a lot of attentions technically budget/loaded duke is no budget bike.cheap ones burns pocket later. dukes for life!
  2. my advice if u really gianz for a duke?get the class 2 models. btw them the class 2a will just be eye candy.nothing more i previously own ed m400 b4 switched to m900 3 month later. as for services they'll cost the same...most of the parts can be shared between them not all but most.then at this point ppl then not to bother with maintaining it...just a transition stage. so potential owners need to understand this.power or looks. once u get the ducati bug...you'll then want more.m400 will give half way. super4 will eat you alive.
  3. lol you'll be shock if u see my service history....something like `lord of the ring trilogy' 120k mileage
  4. 2nd dukes got 2 catergories cluless owners 1-2yrs old bikes clueless owner will whack the bike til it is not worth to fix themselves then youll get a bargain 1-2 yrs ones will have the bike properly run-in'd and maintainence look'd after but will cost more.
  5. when i was a ducati newbie,i learn really fast that it is important to service the bike religiously....5k interval is very important.10k service will be equally important too. ppl tend skip this service invervals due to the cost and problems will surface and will cost more to rectify.
  6. email abt racial riots around pasir gudang this malaysian indipendence day.true or false? if true anyone going to pasir gudang pls be careful!
  7. kayaba.mostly found in suzukis back in the 80's. hmm...they could be the lowest bidder of yu monster year. interesting
  8. most bike manufacture contracts fork co to do their design..for instance duke has got many contractor to do their design...like showa,sachs or ohlins and quality differ on how bike manufacture wants to budget them. design counts too. like wat neo said `front fenders'. if you have 1999-1993 you'll have a lousy front fenders.. 2000-2002 think will help abit in the stiffness of the attachment(notice cracks happens near the attachmnets? after the texas group took over ducati things in that area improve a lot.
  9. when i send my fork for service the last time there was rust around the tube.so the recommendation was made.`panick' course a set of fork would be around 2k++. futher investigation...and 3 other top ducati mechanics,not nessasary because it is not where the action is.
  10. funny how they ask me to change to a new one when i had that problem
  11. no remedy.don use autosol,it will only wear the crome part.u can't go for chorming either because this is a diff type of process...not like the cosmetic chroming that we are use to. if the problems are near the bottom and is not in the area where the fork compresss down..its ok,just clean it regulary..water trapped at taht end. or just buy after markets omes.don bother with ohlins they don make for monters ...triple clmps only.
  12. clss 2 cc.its the only way to tell them apart.tyre too but difficult to judge. its a dry clutch..so can expose...so long yur toe doesnt get close to it.
  13. anyone going to the pasir gudag track day minerva organizin?
  15. My Duke Is Already 120k On The Clock.lol!METER RESET IT SELF TO 000000 @ 100K
  16. b4 the monster i had 13 yrs of riding japanese bike.love the monster after seeing its debut in 1993.then the price was too pricey to comprehend until i took the plunge and gave it a go. boy was i pleasantly surprise how it handled.she was brilliant! one thing though,i had to throw all my knowledge of jap bike down the drain and start new.all its pros & cons.loved it.i also understood the prices need to maintain this bike. for normal services its thesame as th jap bike. when it reaches the 10k mark is where you need to brace yurself. after the 10k service...the bike is as good as n
  17. To All Wave To Any Monsters You See.lets Start A Nice Trend! Quite Boring Out There On The Roads.
  18. true minerva will size u up.monsters do not get the same smiles from them lol..quite ironic when monsters make the bulk of the bussiness hmmm.....go to kallang cycle.
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