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  1. http://www.excelcycle.com.sg/sales_history_detail.php?id=256 upps to the guy who bought this
  2. randy? ....................................
  3. http://zelastchancegaragedu78.blogspot.com/ I KNOW SOME ONE WILL APPRECIATE THIS
  4. http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php?t=253988
  5. that too but though it happend to me when i bought it new
  6. it will do that..turn black black..(suction/vacumn/oxidation maybe) slave old one meaning pre 2000?
  7. i didnt meant to be a kill joy but i always believe that bike needs to be at least 70% optimal condition to be on the roads let alone to take it to the track.The danger of it going south doubles than it will be on the roads considering we go all out on track.What was already due for a service will be worst off and maybe fail when your on track. We may not have ROSSI's bike but we can sure have his minimal quality requirements.
  8. after a decade of this,i should give back wat i learned.
  9. NO! This is too far away from the reservoir and have nothing to do with the Master pump. What are u using?coffin type or the newer version post 2000? turning black may be due to the slave cylinder which is near to front sprocket where u find dirt and grime.Older Duc slave cylinder requires maintainace @ every 1k-2k but no one follow this i dont know why. as the action of the piston is working on the clutch.minute amt of impurity gets in the system,get diluted and can be seen as black fluid.. and yes master pump may be rusty too.
  10. this is so easy to solve....jus bring her.get her involve with her `competition' 2 things can happen,she 'll understand more your passion and make new friends or not and jus let you do your track day with `pg ride tokens' scheme:angel: good luck
  11. should be full service 1st then can go track if u ask me.everything should be tip-top to avoid impending mechanical failure.Jus my 1 cents.
  12. you can always call me:angel:.need my ic?when do i pick it up?
  13. flattrack 101 http://sideburnmag.blogspot.com/2009/08/complete-book-of-flat-tracking.html http://motorcyclepictureoftheday.blogspot.com/2009/08/really-sweet-flattracker-group-photo.html
  14. why cant you take 180?my previous bike used no other. CF hugger or stock? btw wheel baering changed too?
  15. thru the years ive bought from ah boy but nvr let them install it. most non-duc mechanic manage to screw up one way or the other. i often go to duc/kallang cycle which ever is avail, furthermore wheel bearing need to be change too.it will be easier if the install it.
  16. 145 with balancing/labour?if so its a good deal but i still will not go to LAB to do it.you can buy it off them and change by any duc mechcanic cause you might want to change wheel bearings while you are in the neighbourhood. bro..........wrapped,super hard and slippery?Why is she complaining? This is jus cosmetics that no one will ever see.if you still like. i suggest u take the old strap and try LAB or Chong AIK or any other shop you fancy to look for one,maybe its cheaper than going to DUC but if still want originals...can still go to Minerva. or go to BEACH RD army pa
  17. can call you `mr. i like to play with fire'.
  18. ignore her complain:angel: this is your ride
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