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  1. so far all in red any PUMA-Kawasaki EVIL GREEN leather jackets!i would love to match it with my thight green leather shorts. im not to sure if it will make me look fat.will i look fat in leathers:angel: yasshima!
  2. anything with 2 cylinders (v'S OR INLINED) will be good to convert. Street-trackers are just another name for the original Flat-trackers which is still being race in a round dirt circuit.The fav bike for this is usually HD-SPORTSTERS due to its slim appeareances. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flat_track
  3. he jus need to go in,take his fill and come back in.he cannot risk you going penang to fill petrol
  4. my dream bike is a bike with no electric problem with 100kw of power and fuel consumption of 20km/l.Naked with lots of bling option:angel: oh yes air cooled.
  5. back in the 80's my cousin was 1 of 3 owners in SG.I only saw 1 other. bro i bet if u are adventorous there will be lots of stuff in Chicago,bikewise. yes this is normans,its still there. walterwolf and gama looks alike i never took notice closely b4 when they where abundant.My best bet will be to look at the kick-starter on the 500. when there where only 3 in SG back then in the 80's.It wasnt much in demand cause the troubles this bike will get you. i ve seen 1st hand other riders whos foolosh enuf to want to try drag race with my cousin,jus out of no where.good thing he wa
  6. rg500gamma 2 stroke motogp production replica with kick-start. used to ride one.my cousin left it in the open near KEPPEL lost within a week back in the early 90's. it goes from 0-100 by measure of yur balls-to-throat unit:angel:. Can and will beat anything u have now,sadly this is the only one i've seen so far and it is in bad shape.
  7. early to mid 80s GSX-F IS THIS THE 400? ITS A KATANA TOO MINT
  8. Thank you for your votes please vote @ http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php?t=103354&page=70 post 3500
  9. i had this problem for a very long time. yes its a common problem. eventually after many years.i diy it my self................and said "Let there be light!"(drum roll...........) cue `light'
  10. gentlemen/ladies please vote! http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php?t=103354&page=70 post 3500
  11. Gentlemen/ladies i need your opinions which 1 seater should i choose 1) This is a working race Zephyr in JAPAN.It follows strictly to the original seat cowl. vote = 1 2) This is a tail chopped cafe racer original design from a 550 i think vote = 4 3) This is a Kawa Z1 vote = 2 thanks
  12. warning! not all wiring harness can be swap few considerations 1st cc to cc year to year and carbs to injection its all abt connections
  13. hmmm..........when engage rear brake,does it flicker too? or is it jus with the front? if the rear flicker too.then its the tail light then if its jus the front and u still have contact but not sustainable... it could be 1 or 2 stuff switch or wires connections @ the front. again...what year is yur monster?
  14. best u get it sort out asap.it is important come Inspection time. lol...front to brake rear to light it? btw,any mech diagnose this b4? if so i am assuming it was a professional conclusion. if not happy DIY:angel: b4 u mercilessly spray the contact cleaner 1) touchy feelly the switch gently. 2) see the mechnism workings. 3) try non evasive cleaning if its jus dirt problem then it'll be easy maybe the switch can be safe if not dissassemble the mirco switch gently. clean it with contact cleanr and see what happens. switches are durable try all possibility 1st. di
  15. try using contact cleaner and spray it to the switch. if it fails,change to new ones.
  16. bro....breathe a very small screw hold the switch.use the screwdriver for specticle. my bet,its not the screw but the rear brake light,they are very dodgy and un reliable.what year is yur Monster?are you willing to change it to the newer ones for abt $50 @ Minerva? or retro fit LED sets. stick to the 'stone they are reliable as hell.on and off track. 170/60 quite rare though 180 will be easy to find.
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