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  1. The iconic Fireblade CBR 900, the superbike that changed it all, still gain my respect till today, upz!
  2. Went to Krabi weeks ago with Goldwingers Singapore.....one of the riders just gotten his blue 2018 GL. Its fast, smooth, quiet and both front and rear lights look nice at NS highway, fuel consumption impressive too, full tank range around 450km range (stated on board)
  3. Hi blackjazzstar, your bike sold? VFR800 vtec 6th generation is a well proven all rounder....the later model with embossed fairing VFR logo look nice, and the original side panniers is useful.
  4. Singapore motorshow now from today till 14th jan 2018....Boon Siew preview, special package price for new Goldwing https://www.motorshow.com.sg/2018/promotions/.
  5. Sort of agree with you - wish new goldwing same size or larger - luggage capacity same size or larger - fuel tank higher capacity, eg 30L - maintain the long chrome antenna - similar luxurious recline pillion seat Btw, found new GL being advertised at around 82K! http://www.uniquemotorsports.com.sg/index.php/productitem/Productdetails?Productcode=GOLDWING2018
  6. Bike's Full Manual (PDF format), see link below http://www.gwrra-wav.org/docs/2018_gl1800%2031mkc600.pdf Note: Now has parking brake. Helmet holder now only 1
  7. There's a Blue 2018 new Goldwing at Honda Boon Siew....non DCT manual version with clutch, and non Air Bag.
  8. Yesterday saw a black blackbird at ECP just after leaving airport around 5.45pm.....with bright WHITE ON signal lights (but folded..hehe)....suddenly missed my blackbird days.
  9. Agree....but really the need to top up at every 320-350km distance travel can be a disadvantages for luxury tourer...no harm in giving larger petrol tank or at least maintain, dont think significantly affect gross weight or size much.
  10. yes, still looks good. not sure why brand new Diversion not available Nice, similar to cb super four bold or, yamaha should follow honda by providing facelifted version eg with LED headlights
  11. Heard the airbag version will not come to SG/ SG market not from US powersports? Hope the Pearl White DCT Europe version comes with the 2 tone colours...and standard fix with the black 1 CB antennae... Actually, really wish 1) bigger petrol tank 2) larger luggage space not sure why honda "downgrade" these 2 issues... otherwise bike quite good specs as in most wish lists...
  12. 2018 Goldwing.... https://powersports.honda.com/2018/gold-wing.aspx KEY UPDATES Lighter overall package results in improved handling and maneuverability More compact, lighter engine with four-valve head and Unicam valve train Available seven-speed DCT with Walking Mode forward/reverse Six-speed manual transmission Robotically welded aluminum twin-tube frame with revised plate thicknesses Radially mounted six-piston dual front braking calipers Double-wishbone front-suspension system Electrically controlled suspension Throttle-by-wire with multiple riding modes Honda Selectable
  13. coming in late april......WCR Nakhon si thammarat 2017.
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