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  1. Yes wise words. Always need to remind myself that backing down may mean saving my own life. Better battles to fight elsewhere.
  2. Minding my own business yesterday, out on a lovely evening ride. A bit warm but managed to stay out of trouble and explored Seletar a little. Almost got home along Eunos when a red Alpha Romeo decided he/she wanted the lane that I was in. I was following behind a car in moderately heavy traffic positioned about 1/3 way within the lane, when the Alpha sped up from behind me and took up the same space forcing me out of the lane. Angry and horned at him/her but too dark and congested to take it further. Got home safely after that and thanked my lucky stars nothing worse happened. Bikers tend
  3. Indeed. Fast or slow we can still learn to enjoy our ride. Good that you’re back on a bike. I had a spill on the ECP a few years back but didn’t think about giving up riding too.
  4. Couldn't find spare key and didn't want to risk it so followed advice here and went to Goodluck next to Regina... $60 for 3 mins work and key worked perfectly. Not cheap but better be safe. Mine had the HISS system.
  5. Joy ride this morning. On PIE saw a car coming up fast behind me on lane 1. Immediately I filtered left. Already at 100 kph but never mind. Black BMW 330 overtook and immediately started to tailgate a Volvo. The traffic was so heavy he was stuck. But started to swerve in and out of cars to get ahead. Yesterday I was driving along PIE also and got tailgated by a WRX. Nowhere to filter cos traffic was heavy. I slowed down further to leave a bigger gap in front as I don't wanna get rammed if I had to slow suddenly. In the end he gave up and squeezed left and right and disappeared. What's
  6. I think much of the advice already given is very sound. Personally, I have both the X-11 and a T2. Different helmets for different heads, but I find the X-11 quieter in terms of less wind noise, and ear comfort; and the T2 better for cushioning, head-fit (except for ear cut-outs), lightness and stability (less turbulence when turning head at speed). Need to try them on for proper fit, which I think is most important, cos the rest will not be that much different IMHO. I saw the X-12, but it just looks much the same as the X-11, except more bulky (which made me pass). Have not tried Suomy o
  7. For me, I'm always tempted to ask the rider who folds in his mirrors if he finds it dangerous to ride like that. But in the end, I always bite my tongue and mind my own business. I just stay far away from them.
  8. I just changed to Z6 Interact. Any issue with the tyres you can share? Even if it's too late, maybe I can watch out for potential shortcomings of the tyres. Thanks.
  9. I feel quite lucky. Besides being tailgated by cars, and other close brushes like drivers/bikers cutting into my lane without signalling etc, no other biker has tried to play with me on the road. Maybe because I look like a boring rider, or ride slow. Whatever it is, I’m glad it hasn’t happened to me. Hope it never will, cause I may just OVERREACT!!!!
  10. haha... what to do. Family abandoned me to visit in-laws. And i didn't want to sit around for hours playing cards lor... so burn petrol!!!
  11. You are rite bro... I topped up just before setting off, and came back with about half a tank... whoo. But I consider money well-spent, cos who knows where else I will go and waste even more money... Anyway, petrol prices rising, next time may even cost double le!!! And change back to my old Phantom.
  12. Am thinking whether after I retire can volunteer for TP. But maybe must pass all the running and climbing also... by then too old already... Better my next bike buy white Diversion and white helmet, TP wannabe..hehe
  13. Leisurely ride... traffic heavy also, on Saturday nite... Took me about 4 hours... enough time to go KL le.... Me lone rider... keke
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