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  1. yes, all extinct already. í ¾í´£
  2. Rare to see wall of text in FNO thread. Good Job!
  3. Power la kmax. $ for baby pram Sell liao buy pram and zhng. Zhng yr pram.
  4. Hi can i swap with u my plastic base and top up $10 pm me.

  5. Hi. Notice that you are selling your phantom ta 200. What is the lowest you will let go?

  6. cause my burget is around 1.2k - 1.5k max..


    yours look good but too ex ;-( yup been hunting for a phantom for some time.

  7. cause my burget is around 1.2k - 1.5k max..


    yours look good but too ex ;-(

  8. More info here?? I'm actually quite confused about one thing... Why does it have to renamed to 3NCR Pre-launch event? Isn't this the East meets West convoy for Singapore Bike Fest? How is it related to the 3 Nation Charity Ride? hmm... everyone seems to be very quiet abt this now...
  9. wah hot hot... keep cool ya guys (and gals)?
  10. man that sucks... so how... you get new bike from some where else? or fixed up the old one and go some where else...? i like a good story with happy endings
  11. Wow thats really bringing the term "naked" to the next level! Must be getting fantastic FC on that Hope to see shots of other angles as well if you could. Sadly mine isn't mod'd.. still stock. May when i have upgraded, gotten my dream bike, and start a full time job
  12. haizz really can't wait to get a 400cc cruiser... actually what do you guys think? For a cruiser in SG 400cc enough?
  13. lol thx i saw that as well... but pics very small leh..
  14. Hmm... dunno leh... always feel like class 2 too big... den cost of maintenance izzit quite high? like top up a bit can get a car liao?
  15. hm... anyone can find proper pics of the new stock dragstar?
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