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  1. mileage a bit higher,

    price still nego ?

    able to view the bike after 7 in alexandra area ?

  2. Oh crap... I'm famous.... Lol Okada17... R u Ken???? Ah Hao.... I promise to go track with u... I'm a man of my word. I so long never go already. I sure slower than you now.
  3. Lol... Super 4 is my gfs bike. My R1 at workshop.
  4. Lol. So fast you post here. Actually I thought u were someone else. Becuzi know the other HRC CBR Rider. :-)
  5. Owl

    erm... Ju?

  6. Hi Sir, do u know of any instructors in SSDC who are selling their 2B bike? I am looking to get one if I pass my test...but don't know where to find and who to trust :(

  7. i think the 2ct wear off quite fast. DCIII lasted me 6 track sessions. I think the new diablo rosso would be a hell lot better in performance but not sure abt the wearing off.
  8. Anyone interested to buy a RVF, FS plate. pm me if interested. thanx
  9. Anyone interested to buy a RVF, FS plate. pm me if interested. thanx
  10. Just Saw the website. This Tyres looks Tempting to try. Dont think they have 3 compound but then have a another technology callled EPT-Enhanced Patch Technology. I wonder when Motorworld will bring these in http://www.pirellityre.com/en_IT/browser/static/images/img_header_dr.jpg http://www.pirellityre.com/en_IT/browser/static/images/img_benefit.jpg http://www.pirellityre.com/web/motorcycle/diablo_rosso/default.page
  11. Hey Hey... was reading some of the comments posted a few weeks ago. Just wanna add abt Supercorsa, i dont think it would be good for street riding. It wont be good on the wet ground. But i do know that they are really good on the track. I'm using Diablo Corsa III. They are great. i support PP2CT as well. Both are great for track and street riding. 1 Day.. i shall try Bridgestone's BT-002. Heard good stuff abt them.
  12. Yup man... Its cool. Lets meet up again sometime soon.
  13. Happy CNY Everyone. Lots of Stickers still Available at Minerva. Tiffany was bugging me recently abt them. Still have nearly a 100 more. This fairing below is dedicated to Marcus. He wanted to buy it too.
  14. Nope.. So that next time, i can change the design.
  15. Nope, i didn't. I still got my originals. Do u all guys remember a post recently by a girl who wanted a bike for display. Woo hoo... They need my 999 for a D&D. AND Of course it will be cordon off so no one touches the bike.
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