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  1. bro whats ur number plate for your megelli?

  2. Hi Tak, just got 2B and getting a new bike soon

    would like to consider your number FT23H

    if it is still available and, affordable too


    my email/MSN is [email protected]


    hope to hear from you soon ... Regards

  3. Hi there, I am getting a new bike soon and

    would like to consider buying the plate number <FBD 23 P>

    if it is still available and also, affordable


    Hope to hear from your soon

  4. I am 42yo and my first class 2B was in 1991 but license kantong in 2010, 19yr riding experience


    Doing my class 2B now wth BBDC and, looking for a new class 2B now.


    I want a BIG and POWERFUL bike since I had riden with class 2 big bikes both street, chopper & sport


    Need your recommendation on THREE (3) class 2B bikes which are BIG and POWERFUL


    Please provide details information and complete pricing on those bikes based on 5yrs instalment plan.


    Thanks & Regards


  5. I a looking for number "23" with any class 2B bike or, A* or F* series single digit with any class 2B bike kindly MSN or email me at [email protected]
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