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  1. Hi price nego upon viewing . If not scrap heh!
  2. Pm me price If coi, make sure can xfer owner i pay shop upfront. No 125z.
  3. Overhauled In Sep 2016, Piston, Con-Rod, Magnetic Coils, Clutch plates, Cables and everything inside. (Planet Motoring, $550) New Rear Tyre Nov 2016 (Planet Motoring, $65) New Brake Pump In Nov 2016(Planet Motoring, $120) Slim IU(Old owner hand me down) COE 2017 march(Renewable) View already then talk about price. No lowballer. You want to buy cheap you expect for it to break down on you. You pay peanuts you get lemons. This bike already replace everything already cost me 600+ recently. I have decided to let go of the bike around mid febuary after my friend gets his NC750. Sms/c
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