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  1. about 2 yrs ago, i did once drop my bike.. and it cause 2 other bikes to domino... luckily i managed to catch the 2nd bike that domino... if not.. it would have struck a brand new yamaha r6.. lucky me.. quickly my fren help. waited for the 2 bike owner which i had cause it to drop.. one bike only the left mirror broke and the other a minor scratch. i paid 15 bucks for the broken mirror the other bike, the owner insisted that it was ok and refused to take anything. but i just gave him 50 bucks as a way of an apology. that was the first and and hopefully the last ti
  2. u r correct... x1 uses 4 clutch plates. must cek that ur clutch plates do not wear off or broke. if not... big pblm will arise. lets say all 4 of your clutch plates worn of.. that u cant even see the grips.. its chipped off.. if u dont change it, and still use the bike.. overtime it will eat up ur housing and that creates bigger2 pblm. if it eats up ur housing... be prepared to fork out AT LEAST 150 dollars
  3. everyday something bugs me... wat thing... my sis... everytime.. talk to her bf late at nite.. for god's sake.. i wanna sleep... talk and talk... for hours.. then sometimes quarrel.. then her voice so loud.... wtf? then i cannot sleep her voice irritating sia.. pls lah.. not even 21... the guy got no job.. hang out at coffeeshop everyday do nothing... hair like ah beng.. trust me i'm not jealous wanna get a bf.. get a gd one.. not someone who so childish.. finish ns also dont wanna find work wat a no brainer.. then complain no money lah.. this n dat.. crap lah..
  4. is yours a 2nd hand? if it is... and u always have pblm kick starting it, i suggest u check ur clutch plate.. also oil ur kickstart
  5. i read the posts... i wanna but cannot blame wacko lah... he work at water area for too long.. thats y become BUAYA...
  6. machiam spokesman for CNB.. hehehe
  7. correct me if i am wrong. but what i know about racing CDI is that it is like a booster for your bike. the pick up is faster and yah the thing is it makes ur bike faster.
  8. first things first... calm down.. secondly, did u get the paper for the fine and demerit points from the officer? if yes, her name and rank will be there. u can always appeal at traffic police. no need to blow your top. sometimes.. its the way u bring yourself that cause u to be treated that way. u have to take things rationally. if u r still not happy about it, u can always COMPLAIN about the officer. then again, it is wrong for u to be riding the bike without a p-pate when u r still under it. u could have called a friend, or get a bus/cab to go get another p-plate.
  9. hmmm.. wat do u mean great stuff... boys will be boys... haha.. but they no choice.. they have to cut their hair short for training..
  10. wah kauz... that's alot... that must have been fun... but sure when training.. want to go shower... long long queue today one regular intake passing out... i think its R7
  11. ya lah... like my CDI... put in the store.. collect dust and spiderwebs... luckily i never buy... got it for FREE..
  12. it depends on how many girls sign the contract for that intake. supposedly for my intake.. 6 girls.. but since i didnt sign.. only 5 then.. so in their squad of 20 people.. 5 girls only.. but so far the most that i've seen for spf is 7 for that squad.. the least was only 1... hehe.. that girl who was the only one in the squad.. was pampered by her squad mates.. but no worries.. even though u r the only one in the squad.. u wont sleep alone.. u'll sleep with the girls from the other squads..
  13. gd morning... aku takley tido ni ha...... jap lagi kerja..
  14. LOL kenapa tak ckp dulu yg dah belikan biskut.. kalo tak mesti aku stay lagi satu hari nyer.. hehehe...
  15. alalala... kecian dier... hehe dah mcm tu punyer keadaan.. duk diam2 sua ish ish ish... boleh gitu... bing2 werk..? keciannyer.. hari ni kan sunday patut rilek one corner... alih2 rasa mcm katil memanggil balik gitu
  16. ah tu sua biasa lah kan.... ANYWAY, selamat tengah hari! semua pi convoy kaper...
  17. BEDAok tu tempat apa eh... ? tempat chill baru ker..?? tempat byk beruk panjat pokok eh???
  18. ah boi... JB... aiyah if u dont like... why not spray yourself...
  19. tsk tsk tsk... i put leaves and branches on ur bike than u know ah... singapore so small... ur bike so easy to find.. always park at blk 8** in tampines.. hahaha
  20. wat a long holidayyyyyyyyyyyy.... sighz.. tomorrow gotta work
  21. wah so clever... throw the planning to the female......
  22. mcm lama gitu aku tak post kat sini kan.... cmr6.. dgr2 ko accident eh tu hari... mintak2 ko ok ah... kepada yg lain..... GONG XI FA CAI!!! hongbao aku mana...??? duit raya lepas pun tak dpt.... hehe cheerios
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