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  1. accept swap with scramblers like DRZ, XR400, CRF 250 or other street bikes around 250cc
  2. forgot to update one item, this bike equiped with aftermarket thermo sensor to wake up the cooling fan at early 95 celcius degree stage so you will never get trouble in high temp or""BBQ egg "" price revise to 17K for real bike lover﹉ happy riding!
  3. Details as follows: Make and model - Aprilia Tuono 1000 (V Twin) Registration date - *All stock parts will be handed over to new owner It rides well with great performance when squeezing the throttle, sweet handling and bike is light weight!
  4. Bro, I own an with Remus carbonfibre pipe. Selling it soon. Out of curiosity, how much u sold ur bike? To shop or person? It would be a great help. Thanx.

  5. thank you very much bro. check with them already.......don't have~~ :-(
  6. Hi, i am looking for 1~2years old Majesty pls contact Jason Hp:97693913 thanks
  7. looking for 1~2 years old silverwing ( white or silvergrey color) thanks HP: 97693913
  8. looking for 1~3 years old tmax thanks HP:97693913
  9. just did full service few month before. change a set of new clutch plate and spark plug. new original air filter . coolent. gear oil brake oil . cluth oil etc. with rear rack and new givi top box also. mileage now is 68k ...
  10. better have a meet up to view the bike ....and discuss face to face ~~ my fjr only did one trip to KL, and ride less than 3km/day now. my office just 2 traffic light from home. and i have a car also. don't want to see her gettign older and older at car park. :-) . any bro interest pls sms to let me know . cos i am going back to Malysia this weekend.
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