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  1. Alamak, too late lah. Already bought a LV. :D

  2. yup! still available

  3. Still selling your termi pipe for r1 08?

  4. Hahaha, okay so desmond black smoke you said its something like 'piston eating engine oil'. What will most probably need to change? Piston and ring is it?
  5. If 2 bikes park swee swee in one motorcycle lot, which one will u saman? Assuming equal share of the parking lot and neither bike seems to be outside the box?
  6. Imagine u speeding then the judge read out this: "You are sentence to 4 years jail with 6 strokes of the cane." . . . "Ooh sorry, wrong script. That one next case. Okay your actual sentence is...." Abang abang rxz.. KR is different from rxz in a few things. Firstly, there's a coolant system. Try to use yamahalube for coolant(those green ones are still okay but yamahalube is better abt 30-40RM is I remember correctly). Secondly, there's valve to take care of(that's always jam if u ride slow). Thirdly, the power slightly more than rxz. U can feel the power change. The rest
  7. Tomorrow can see uncle and auntie racing at Pasir Gudang ah..
  8. Bro, I forgot..What's your case again? Is it the speeding case? Go straight, reverse, straight, reverse, repeat until u complete the U-turn. Hahaha.
  9. So far I'm using Malaysia's 2T, malaysia's petrol. No problem. I have pple telling me Malaysia petrol got sand, impurities, Lim Ah Boy 2T they add in water..bla bla..Nonsense..No problem with their product.. Castrol gold shouldn't cost SG$22. If SGD$22, might as well go for Motul 710, the best rated 2T. Also costing around that price.
  10. Just to share a discovery. I finally found out why the second shop quoted my friend 7.5k otr while the rest are quoting 8k+ otr. Brand new bikes need COE. Bikeshops will say that we need to do COE bidding. Bikeshops put a 'estimated price' on COE inside the OTR price before bidding. Apparently, most shops put it at 2k-2.3k and the second shop write it at 1.5k benchmark(which I found out when the paperwork starts to appear). So if coe price is higher, we have to top up the excess. Bikeshop A All charges + 2k set side for COE bidding = 8k OTR Bikeshop B All charges + 1.5k set aside
  11. Hmm, btw, was wondering, I have this impression that Honda bikes are reliable..Look at Phantom, Wave, CBR1000..
  12. Hahaha..Cool.. I know. Period. Ahh, thanks man. So it should be 10 years old. I'll double confirm again with TP/LTA. (if I were to get stopped by them)
  13. Hmm okaylah..Mine confirm need to change..Coolant starting to leak again.. Broke? Haha, then don't use UMA carburetor. Pple who modify their bikes must face the fact that they will have to be spending more. They need to spend more servicing their bikes. They need to spend more on fuel. That's why pple prefer stock or at most they modify parts that don't affect their fuel consumption and extra servicing. Change standard lah bro. SG not a place to go fast.
  14. Im nt sure. Im just a patron who pass by dere n take down their prices.
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