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  1. Just called Ah Ann and he confirmed that he is at 74, Sungai Kadut St 1. Then again... just drop by No. 76 if you cant find him. When I first asked for his address, he still tell me its at jalan buruh! Hahaha...
  2. Still available? msg your phone num but no response.
  3. Nice deal! Cheapest Revo I have seen. If i got the budget would surely buy.
  4. Anyone can help recommend where I can get a new silverwing 400cc? interested to get one. Or, is there a good 2nd hand bike shop that i can go to?
  5. Just came back from Planet. Met ah chong in person today! Wahahaha... met some other pk also. Anyway, asked ah chong to check my bike see if got anything else need repair and get it service. Ah chong did a few minor tweek on the chain and quoted me $35 for EO change. After everything done, he asked me to pay $15 before go home. ?!?!?!? Funny guy... Anyway, recommended for all bikers to go.
  6. Thanks guys! Found my bike already! BIKE BOUGHT Hi, Looking to buy a 4-6 years old Phantom TA200, mileage not exceeding 80k, and best if still have excellent engine condition with acceptable tear and wear for the overall look. Budget plus minus 1.8k. Please contact me at 91850003 (donald) or email me at [email protected] Thanks
  7. Hi, looking for TA200, FW onwards plate, preferably black, grey, silver colour selling around 1.8k to 2.5k If got nice 2005 model selling around 3k to 3.5k also can consider Urgent buy, so looking to close deal by this year. PM me or email me at [email protected] or msn me at [email protected]
  8. Yea... thanks anyway. Still, if got anyone wanna sell your ride, do contact me ah!
  9. Actually if it is not that troublesome to do the transfer, I dont mind doing it myself.
  10. well, looking for grey or black or silver colour TA200.. maybe FW and above plate... budget wise, around 2k plus minus 500 lo... izzit hard to get the paper works done for the bike transfer? coz i notice, if buy from individual, need to purchase insurance, do transfer documents etc etc etc by our own.. how long does it take before i can start riding? Was hoping to get it from motortiam if it can save me all the hassle of running here and there for the paperwork..
  11. Hi all.. I'm going for my theory test next monday, then going to do license conversion.. wanna ask whether can go buy a bike first before getting my license or i have to wait till i completed my conversion then can buy. Then, which shop buy TA200 better ah? dun wanna become carrot also.
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