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  1. hi Don here. just wanted to compare info about the ninja 400r. cld we contact thru facebook since i'm seldom on the forums already? Don CJ Huan, search me up.

  2. bro wat bike u using huh??? pulsar huh??

  3. which exhaust is legal in sg for the ninja anyway? and is it full system or just the endcan?
  4. u gotta have a minimum no. of post b4 being able to sell ur bike. this is a forum, not just a bike selling/buying website. gotta prove ur worth b4 enjoying the privilages. thats what i think the mods wanna tell us. get a friend to help yo out bro.
  5. kinda glad there are a few ninja riders in sg. thread should be moved to sports bike section.
  6. supercrier, i also looking for the ninja 250, though the fc is an issue. do update arite..
  7. which motor shop did you get it from anyway?
  8. hey ducati rides, just wanna ask, is the monster still avail in 400cc? went to ducati.com.sg and didnt see it under their current models... and is the 400cc enough for someone who only rides in singapore to and fro work? sorry if these are repeated questions... if this has been answered b4, tell me which age number of this thread k? thx guys
  9. as above, i went 107kph on old airport road near ubi, limit 50kph. just replaced my suspension, sprocket, chain n valve, so had to test it out n it seems like my hand got abit itchy since i was on the right lane with no cars in sight stopped at t junction and got a shock when i looked back. TP was behind me. was pulled to the side and was summoned for speeding. so anyone with experience can help me out? what happens when i recieve the letter in 3 weeks time? our big brother TP kept telling me that im only allowed to have 12 demerit points and the offence i just made, IS 12 demerit p
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