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  1. if u r using the malossi multivar, then use the 1 suppied by the malossi multivar set then u wont be wrong
  2. of coz...once again read here remember torque springs comes with different tension rates so choose carefully. http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showpost.php?p=1119317&postcount=2
  3. it is 1 of the tones of green Kawasaki uses...google it up for pics n colour code if u intend to use dat colour
  4. I promise u a coffee session once I get my ride back up moving properly again. At the moment it can move but not up to my expectation
  5. "if u tink that setting carbs r juz a matter of changing main jets n tunning ur a/f screw then u r very wrong." Please dun be mistaken...I am juz trying to say if most of us thinks dat only changing MAIN JETS n TUNING of A/F ratio will do the trick then we will be wrong. In tunning a carb we have to understand how different parts of the carb will affect the gas delivery..No parts or jets acts independently but rather they work together to deliver the best mixture to the engine n how we can specifically target wat parts to adjust or change at correct throttle openings and ensure all the t
  6. itz like dat lah...trust ur mileage
  7. point ur pipe in the 70 degree angle n try pouring water down directly on top of it n c how much water can be collected then u will roughly be able to tell if it will affect anything
  8. I myself also now itchy backside go n swap to another model of carb after my pervious 1 had spoil...so now I am going thru all these above mention sh*t all over again to get my ride going properly again so much time, $$ and effort spend..hopefully I can get my ride back up running nicely within the next few months
  9. yup but I am not too sure if anyone had try to source from overseas if parts are available.. toking abt swapping carbs there are a number of issues we had to take note of. 1)Being able to get watever carb u had intend to use to be fitted nicely on ur bike wif all proper working conditions meaning enuff clearance, throttle cable n stuff like dat which are quite a number to list. 2) a carb is nv a plug n play item on every bike especially all the different jets supply by the carb u change will never be suitable on ur ride thus in order to get started, u will require a starting guideline
  10. if u want a fast bike then u will spend more $$ on petrol...if u wanna save $$ on petrol then u will get a not so fast bike this logic can never change
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