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  1. Haven , you want that one ar? SO BENG leh VIC! lolx haha you nv see the tail , same paint work as b4. Got this problem b4,but nt on kr, on SP. My front sprocket lock wear out liao. So lidat, clutch in no sound. If its tat problem get it done asap. I was lucky to just exit the expressway and my chain and sprocket came off but nt dangling. Got my fren 's lorry and tow it ourselves to the bike shop.
  2. There Here Everywhere. lol
  3. 1. Hey Shamie , how come it's call KRR Fighters?hehe so fierce lidat. 2. Valarie & Devilika ? Bro Valarie, whois Devilika ah? I tot thats ur club's name.
  4. ***************************************** SBF KRR Fighters No. Nickname / Name / Location / HP number / Email Add 1. SparkerS1 / Name / Location / HP number / Email Add 2. Valarie / Name / Location / HP number / Email Add 3. adesmond2 / Name / Location / HP number / Email Add 4. RainKR / Name / Location / HP number / Email Add 5. freely / suetz / sengkang / pm will be better / [email protected] 6. fireshamie / shamie / West / --private-- / --private-- 7. Nexonn / Benjamin / East / -- Private- / [email protected] .....and the list goes on....... ************
  5. Hey Valarie, im looking forward to meet up with you some days when im free for the Kr outing. loads of Kr bike questions to ask. haha. I jus gt this bike last mth. Its so different from Nsr, btw what's a torque servicing?
  6. Hi Valarie, just to ask.. you do the servicing in JB. Thou its cheaper but the workmanship can trust ma? Cos I have a fren who rides Kr went over there and did full service, change piston ring etc etc but he say still dun feel quite gd aft servicing. And gd mech or shop that you trust over there? Thx
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