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  1. bro fazli so i presume that includes workmanship + fork oil, oil seal etc it will turn up to 6xx?
  2. to all the yoshi fs user, is there such a thing where you have to "tune" your engine to make it synchronize/coordinated with the full system? *tune includes changing of parts in carburetor or any forms of modification. my bikeshop told me fs and slip on is totally different, fs have to mod/tune if not fc will be damn low and sound will not be optimized. and it is very damaging to the engine!
  3. listen to ahpek the engine oil expert! his eo about 3months liao still running smooth! :cheeky:
  4. btw thanks fazli! at least i know a rough cost!
  5. for both shiny inner metal tube total $420? i was quoted 600 for brand new fork plus bracket at UM. another 400 for total but 2nd hand. its a lousy restore by an accident claim shop, man im just unlucky. any one of you have similar encounter? like have to change the whole fork....
  6. hi i have some questions on the front suspension. how much does a new spec 2 front suspension cost? and how much to service a new suspension? is there any alternative to a brand new one?
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