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  1. how would it feel that a young rider ah beng who actions alot, need p plate never put p plate, gives all the illogical theoritical talk, act big, wearing the same shirt as you. i would so damn feel so ashamed and would not feel proud wearing the shirt thats what i feel at least Regards Dr Shaun
  2. no thanks as it seems like any small boy small girl can buy, don't feel its worth the wear here. maybe i should buy 1 for my cousin and let people in his class think he riding r1 but still a nice design from sapitos Regards Dr Shaun
  3. when want to test? Sir Tyreal looking for people to test with him Regards Dr Shaun
  4. for 07/08 models, i did notice that the rear passenger would feel more heat as the exhaust is more exposed as compared to 04 to 06. doubt that there would be any solutions to it unless you custom make a rear cowl which covers up the exhaust or make your pillion wear jeans too Regards Dr Shaun
  5. local or overseas? hope the rider is fine Regards Dr Shaun
  6. i believe can still be used as most of the times, us and euro models got almost the same specs. maybe for us model better, coz euro has a tighter emission level control there remember reading something about dynojet being sued in california coz the pc3 will temper with the bike emission system Regards Dr Shaun
  7. no no, i have a gf already maybe you can try milan, he gay activist petrol wise are similar parts wise i believe should be almost the same the 8k rpm power is road unfriendly, meaning its too much power for sg road 8k rpm at gear 1 if i not wrong is almost 100km/h feeling like a monster pulling you. if that happens at even rpm 1 - 5, i call that road unfriendly Regards Dr Shaun
  8. seriously other than the cc difference pros ah lian only know 3 bikes, sp, rvf and r1 r1 more power r1 is "hot" Regards Dr Shaun
  9. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v248/shaunzz/forum/6684201_15106074.gif
  10. been there, done that. no problems tp see me on the road also never stop me, except at road blocks. never really remember of cars makan me also think rider problem liao Regards Dr Shaun
  11. ahchua, you really asking for it, put such thing as your signature i love the way you post Regards Dr Shaun
  12. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v248/shaunzz/forum/turtles.jpg
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