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  1. Hi all, anyone know where to get a new silverwing? called up speedzone, the response was that they are not bring them in. Thks.
  2. I am using Bridgestone G701( approx 150-170 plus for now ) for front, Bridgestone G546 ( Approx 225 -250 for now)for rear. Both made in japan.
  3. Frm my exp, u wanna do any overhaul, think go back boon siew should be better as i had it done mine for 600+ at the famous bike shop for crusier n yet the problems still not solve. So now, wanna go to boon siew but there charges will be eye poping too if u are not under warrenty...
  4. depends on ur budget. 2A fuel consumption ard 20-23 as u know. for my shadow, was getting ard 21/L travel ard 90-100. if u are high milage user, best is go for 2B, 2B ard 30plus onwards.
  5. hahah, the removable chrome parts next to ur footbrake lah. it will not burn ur leg lah, just tat ur boots sole light get burn n the rubber might stick to it else is ok lah unless u wear slipper lor. that will b a different story. thks for all the concern.
  6. hey bro thx for your reply. I will try calling FJT and Boon Siew tmrw.

    FJT is 'Everfit' right?

    I think I can search for Boon Siew's number. But do you have it offhand btw? Thx so much bro

  7. looking for tyre that can grip both on wet and dry road as well as those white and yellow marking/signs on the roads. any recommendation tyre for the above? now using dunlop and now looking for other better ones.
  8. Wah like tat, i think i also want to buy those kind of trekking pants liao lor as my rainpants always the crouch area wet one. like pee on the pant like tat, very malu at times...
  9. Dun need to chrome lah. Get frm daredreamer lah. think they got sell chrome version as saw before. Mine was like urs but white. but i just like it tat way.
  10. Bro!


    I saw ur post on ur phantom and the problems you encountered.

    You brought ur bike to Planet and they helped u fixed that?

    How much did it cost u and btw.. where is planet?


    Thanks for the help.

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