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  1. if i rem correctly dat pic was taken lightyears ago:cheeky:
  2. alo hassan, lamer menghilang ape dah jadi la?
  3. oi matrep. hahahahahah

  4. hi br0,Zai here.. I juz passed my 2b recently and i'm so0 interested in X1-r bikes..

    Tkder kaki ar j0i.. haha..

    wonderin if u noe 1k is en0ugh for d first dwnpymnt..?

  5. no TP la...just LTA traffic marshals and cisco auxiliary officers directing traffic.. :cheeky: saw hassan bike at geylang again sehh..haha he like at geylang every single day...his bike now white and got blue..haha
  6. try adjusting your clutch play. or just might be you are due for an EO change.
  7. yeah...im the real racer. ill come in first place when it comes to crashing barriers!
  8. dah makan dah abang hassan. adek baik?? :cheeky:
  9. abg hassan..u working ciba vision?! hohoho.
  10. in ur website! btw, one of ur riders is my ex classmate..ding jun cheng..tat muay thai guy.
  11. Going JB at 12pm..who wan come? hehe..what can i do with 300RM to my bike in JB?
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