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  1. most of us use the Diablo Scoot, cheap and good ... i've use them as far as Thailand and also up and down Cameron Highlands with no issue. if not wrong, SW9000 went thru MHS using the Diablo too. where to change? i'ld recommend K&T and AC Motor. https://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php/325894-lt-Info-gt-Silverwing-400cc-600cc-Tech-Corner?p=4280045&viewfull=1#post4280045 balancing? most motortiam would balance only the front wheel as they do not have the balancing tool for the scooter's rear wheel. AC Motor can do the rear... Ah Choong has the manual balancer h
  2. the grip has a tapered shape, smaller at the inside and larger at the bar-end side... overall slightly bigger than stock but a lot more comfortable. it's definitely not like those big fluffy ones people use on choppers
  3. many of us use the BMW grip ... last time only $23.10 directly from BMW http://f800riders.org/photoplog/images/6471/1_SANY0005.JPG
  4. I used the Skyrich lithium battery in my previous bike (sold last Sat) and it served me well. See my review at * Lithium Ion Battery Review
  5. Hi, I'm the seller of the FJS400D ... yes, its me... painfully decided to let it find a new owner Bike is SOLD to a nice gentleman ... thanks for viewing
  6. nope, can't go July trip cos busy with work plus just returned from 1/2 month leave. if take leave again so soon, wait boss say i can take perpetual leave no need to return, then faint liow ^_^

  7. Hi scoobydoo, did you go July trip? If yes do you have info? As I try ask SW9000, but he did not reply me. Thank you in advance.

  8. not only bikes, their cars' electronics are also not reliable in the 90s... my former 316i electronics buay chun one
  9. yo yo Kris Rider, how are you bro it's been years since we last met, come meet the gang leh... many of us waiting to buy you kopi btw, our every thurs meetup is still on going, only that it's mainly at Rail Mall instead of KKFC cos no more free parking there.
  10. Hi Tim


    The circuit diagram is from owners' manual of FJS400 Silver Wing (European model). I suspect the Euro, American and Japanese (JDM) models have slightly different circuitry.


    As for the hazard lights mod, many of us here in Singapore already have it done... thus the theory is proven to be working. Instead of working from the relay, we took the easy way by tapping the wires (grey, orange and light blue) between the relay and the turn signal controls on the left-throttle assembly. Just have to open the left handlebar cover and the wires are there. Using a DPST or DPDT switch, all we connect the lines such that we could close both L & R circuits simultaneously... whoala. This way, signal/hazard lights are available only when ignition is turned on.

    We also have a brother who wants the hazard light available while ignition is turned OFF. That required a separate blinker relay (about $15). Power is drawn from source "before" the ignition switch.


    Happy modding :smile:

  11. Hello Scoobydoo


    I'm writing about your Silverwing Hazard Lights modification as shown in msg #126. The wiring diagram in that msg is different than that of my (USA Version) 2003 FSC600 Silverwing. Does your modification apply to the 400cc Silverwing and/or other Asian market versions of the Silverwing?


    Your wiring diagrams show one Turn Signal Relay, and in one circuit option indicates 2 Turn Signal Relays. So I wonder if your Silverwing wiring circuits have a separate Turn signal However the Turn Signal Relay on my FSC600 is an integral part of the meters & gauge circuit board.


    Has someone successfully done the Hazard Lights modification, or is this circuit just a concept which has yet to be carried out?


    Thank you very much for all your informative posts and for your reply to my inquiry.



    '03 Silverwing, Cosmic Jumper

    65,000 miles

    Philadelphia USA

  12. was told top vents mechanism gets jammed easily and chin-bar too close for comfort but have to say n43's price is so much cheaper than similar "styled" hyperX
  13. dun just train the neck of the other head lah i also think n103 is big and heavy
  14. ride safe everyone http://smileys.on-my-web.com/repository/Transports/bike-038.gif
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