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  1. halo bro,u online ??

  2. hi all,considering to get a xjr here and some querries for u guys here. 1)wat u guys think of the price of 500 coi 200 for 16 mths for a fw plate?reasonable? 2)wat are the things to check when viewing bike? 3)wat r the things to take care of for a xjr? 4)i stay bt batok.any good bike shop(have xjr spares n know hw to seervice xjr)to recommend? 5)Is there accesssories for xjr n wher to get? -tank bra -side faring -belly pan -crush bars -head light signal light handle bar(scrambler type) thx guys!
  3. can cfm if can add sub rider? if yes i dun nid 2 view, we str8 away go Allkiance or ur shop.....which shop?

  4. jus to add on guys.my fren oso riding a vespa,registered in 1982 w/o iu pass gantry quite many times but so far no "christmas cards" yet..n tat was 6 mths ago..looks like i need 2 test for myself coz i jus bought a rxk w/o iu..haha..
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