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  1. Hey guys got a brand new Oakley Frogskins Valentino Rossi Signature Series that i bought when i was at Le Mans GP in France. http://imgur.com/puvWZ3j http://imgur.com/7OY8Vl3 http://imgur.com/2nR8nw8 Looking at $190 FIRM. Drop me a text 92776357.
  2. Watsapp me regarding ur hjc xxl..85338347

  3. Luckily Mike Si said he has 3 i will contact him . Thanks bro. wow great bro, i will PM you.Thanks man yeaaa! hehe
  4. Hey guys, need some help here, my uncle has 1945 Matchless(Late GS357M) 350cc, i really cant seem to find parts for this bike man, seems impossible... someone stole his carb from the bike and its been a year now and we still cant find a carb for this bike, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.
  5. There are quite a num good ones around also..=) just got to look out for them.
  6. why sia dan?u selling of yr bike?i might sell off soon too i guess..
  7. selling off my tyga tail! $300 sing..
  8. hrcsgp shud have u pm him
  9. ouhh..yeah dats my ugly pgm=)! hehe..trade yr 010 with mine la i top u $! =X nb u always smile den gimme smell smoke! hahaha.. haha u also wad give us all smell akra pipe! hehs..
  10. haha no need speedo la! just follow cars around!..i year 4 lei! hahas..see me never say hi! =(
  11. whyyy?=( when d0ing back ur bikeee?
  12. Seeing more and more pgms on the road..but all not friendly like me leh! hahahah! all duwan smile ! =(
  13. Hi peepz, is kr insurance exp for p plate?=X jz pass lei, envy those ride krr bt insur lyke scary.=(
  14. why no speedo? hrc card sibo ! hehe I think hard to find lei bro
  15. call this no. keep it to yourself he might b able to help u... tell him dat u ned him to sent your bike for inspection and how much....good luck...........


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