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  1. Have a dead yamaha majesty but just recently full serviced for sale. Refer to: http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showpost.php?p=4285780&postcount=913
  2. Have a year 2000 Yamaha Majesty YP250 that the engine just kichia liao. Items that are just changed (not even 2mnths, Brand new Yuasa Battery (only 10 days old) Brand new IU unit /w full 5 yrs warranty Yamaha Original Belt Yamaha Original U-shoe Yamaha Original Rollers 2nd Hand Rear Brake Caliper Front Tyres I'm not sure what's the problem with the engine but I guess you need to overhaul it if you still want it. Those who are in need of spare parts for their majesty might also want this. Asking 1k for the whole machine, negotiable, offer me for separate parts also can. You can go down botak's shop (494, Macpherson Road) to look at it (dark blue majesty plate FS46xx). It has a Givi Maxia box on it too. Even more sian juz pump full tank lol. Contact/sms 92278780, or mrboliao(at)gmail.com pls do not pm me thanks.
  3. Just checking hor... If I wanna sell my majesty for 3.2k with maxia top box would anyone be interested? Totally no problems until now (1.5yrs from the time I bot) but a bit short of cash so if got nice offer I will sell. FS '00 mk2 model everything stock. Mileage 97k. Road tax juz renew. All the black plastic and seat are in superb condition (frequent armorall). Windscreen still clear. Please dun scold me for the price hor, I juz checking lol.
  4. Recently I ran the bike until dry at 393km, then the tank actually can pump in 13.2L sia haha.
  5. So zinc1, br1an and me that makes 3 givi screens, you all wanna order together?
  6. Probably this bike have habit of drinking oil haha, how long since you last changed oil?
  7. I neva ask leh, normally should include rite...
  8. I think gonna install none wahaha, mabbe the givi windscreen, but I still looking for mail order of those ghost masks like those in masamania... Best is can have a chio ghost mask with high windscreen but like not very possible...
  9. Whereas the tall windscreen from Givi costs $130 from Chiap Lee. http://www.givi.it/perlatuamoto/photos/164_campo_foto_14.jpg height 800 x width 707 mm (That's very tall...)
  10. The original tall windscreen from HL costs $245. http://accessories.yamaha-motor-europe.com/files/images/EU/5GMW07103000_HR.jpg Tall Windshield, Clear Features integrated Air-Grill Suitable for the following model: * YP250 Majesty '00-'05 Part No.: 5GM-W0710-30-00
  11. And oso from HL, this thing costs $115. http://accessories.yamaha-motor-europe.com/files/images/EU/Legscreens_HR.jpg Smoked Leg Screen (pair) Suitable for the following model: * YP250 Majesty '00-'05 Part No.: 5GM-W0720-00-00
  12. Those looking for suspension might wanna try this but quite ex. $580 from Hong Leong. http://accessories.yamaha-motor-europe.com/files/images/EU/5GMH22100000_HR.jpg Oil-pneumatic Shock Absorbers Hydraulically adjustable (NICE) Suitable for the following model: * YP250 Majesty '00-'05 Tell the guy this part number if you going HL to buy: 5GM-H2210-00-00
  13. That day went down Hong Leong to ask actually how much the original cost of the wear n tear parts. Belt: $80 Roller: $5 per piece (x8 = $40) U-clip: $3 per piece (x4 = $12) U-shoe: $4.50 per piece (x4 = $18) Total: $150 So you all next time go servicing can reference this to know how much the shops charging you liao...
  14. I either park fort road, mac, or that place haha. Next time you going inform me lor.
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