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  1. Bro where do u do ur tail? Hw much?

  2. hi there i wanna be a part of team-r series,im halleluliah and my facebook id is [email protected],id be glad if u accept the friend request on fb.thanks

  3. sounds cool..from where you know the confirmation from?
  4. Yup..means its starting to go reserve..just an additional info, you could go up to 100km on "F"..tried it before..
  5. Anyone know the price of the following: 1. Clutch plates 2. Clutch-line And where to get them? Thanks! =D
  6. Eh wait a minute..you're not frm SG right?
  7. RempitburnOut is a jerk n a liar! His gf Anne paid $14000 cash for de bike n nw he has ran away frm her. He's showing off what's nt frm his hard earned money n even dare to put another girl's name sticker on de bike. Nw she's sueing him to pay back!

  8. heloo rvnrooron

    i new here...hopefully you can teach about ride on r15 ya!

  9. Hi, can i ask a few questions??


    U r riding R15 right?? Why ur bike head light area so different??

  10. Harlow! Yana's cuzzie right? :)

  11. Morning bro... jus wake up...

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