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  1. Sharing on behalf of a friend. Some ******* dropped her bike and didn't leave a note. Woke up Monday morning to a damaged bike... See Facebook post below for images. Copy/pasting her description: Some idiot dropped my bike at the car park of Blk 119/121 Bedok North Rd on the night of 8th July or morning of 9th July. I was parked at the lot circled in red in the last picture. If you know someone who stays or parks at Blk 119 or 121 Bedok North Rd, please help me ask if they have an in-car camera and to help check if they might have a recording of said idiot dropping my bike.
  2. hi bro thanks for msging me. Actually my post shall not be in garage sale. its supposed to be at mass order. but i have to pay a small fee to post my item in there. I dont earn much cos my price is very very cheap. I hope you understand. Please take a look at my blog http://www.redbullhat.blogspot.com the price is S$40 per hat. So if you are intrested please send me a mail at [email protected] and let me know which one you like (style number and size) and your contact number. I will send you the caps when it arrive. You dont need to pay me first. I will use my own money to orders the caps for you. I need at least 10pcs to cover my shipping cost. if you want to find out more you can just give me a call at 91243675 faris. Also you can see my picasa http://picasaweb.google.com/farisbmx/NEWREDBULL# to see some sample pics. Thank you!

    this is faris also :)

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