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  1. hi all. been riding the single headlight wing for pass 6 month. just to check. anyone got the 'loose seat lock' syndrome? like when u sit on the seat, the seat lock will pop open. tried to adjust the lock.. cannot leh.. can advise what to do next?
  2. ohlin stil pending deal on coming 15th. will let u know again.

  3. BRo your ohlins stil not sold? m the guy who bought your tank bra and head light protector....if he is flying kite ill take the ohlins of your hands man...:cheers:

  4. where did you park your bike? is your location safe? It seems like LT51A got some seriel vanadaliser plucking out rear mirror and I think its properly the same culript though different victim.

  5. you can go back to the thread and see. shld be 10 to 11.

  6. waht time did u saw it broken?

  7. bro, u still selling ur koso mirror or not? and if still have, may i noe wich side ah? thanks..

  8. ya man naked bb is the x11 lol i like la haha but i added a led strip to lite up the no. plates. ahaha looks great and now the blinking speed is standardized also! haha bloody bike shop anyhow connect.
  9. certain things they are slightly more costly then other shops. mechanics are ok, does not anyhow break your stuff. foam wash is very clean, the one you pay for is cleaner.
  10. ghaha spray WD40 first hahah then go pang lol
  11. ghaha spray WD40 first hahah then go pang lol
  12. Interest check: CBR150 gathering. All former riders are welcome. [/b] Place: TBC Time/Date: Next week TBC Fri/Sat/Sun Location: TBC, Suggestions welcome. Bedok reservoir rd the rasa thai seafood Namelist: 1. xXxRatedxXx 96440355 2. Willie 93392567 3. zr 91558592 4. bay List down when you are free. my friend coming along.. do he get a free meal too? ok la... maybe not meal. milo dinosaur? hehehe
  13. Onz add me in zr will only be free on weekdays after 1630. Weekends preferably on Sundays.
  14. Lol. Plan a mini cbr gathering lor. And why are you so agitated? Lol. I will come if u treat me to a nice meal. What makes u think I am hanging around with big people? Chris chris lol. Ok la don't angry le la. I scared later u kick my bike. Ok la let u be la. Don't angry ok? I only ride a normal bike. Haha lol.
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