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  1. Bro that time u overhaul Ur sp how much ?

  2. Ashraf lah... haha apa2 picit ah. number kau masih sama kan?
  3. or u can ride up there. nw that the new desaru highway is ready its only a 1hr++ ride to pengerang from jb
  4. wow im gona haf to plan a trip man. anyone up for it? =D btw, ur name is raj rite? Do u happen to know a private workshop in sungei kadut where theres a group of old timers doing up their bikes there? no la just wana lose my belly fats. im starting to look like an alcoholic uncle wif my protruding belly.
  5. waaaaah. that looks so damn bloody fun!! what about riding gear? do they provide or do you have to bring yourself? and do u have to have a guide? can u just go out free and easy?
  6. Haiz what to do. Ive had my fair share of temptations, like parents offering to subsidise a car and many friends who are riding class 2 bikes. But i decided to stick with my Aprilia. Like u said, one day its gona be extinct, so i think it would be a good investment to keep our 2-stroke babies. Anyway, its not so much of what a bastion IS, its more of its purpose, that is, a structure built for defence. And yes, i do consider myself a defender of 2-strokes =)
  7. The RS125 has a claimed out of 34bhp. In reality however, a well tuned stock bike would be lucky to be putting out 28bhp. So my advice is not to put too much hope on the power output of this bike. The replacements for the 125GP bikes, the GP spec Moriwaki MD250H is said to be putting out 33bhp. So i think its abit too much to say that the RS4 will put out 28bhp, even with a bbk. I'll just add, for information sake, that a well tuned RS125 with a few goodies can easily put out 33bhp. I'll also just add that a GP spec 125cc puts out about 55bhp. So its safe to say that four strokes are inferior(
  8. automatic throttle opener.
  9. more of a joke. its struggling to hit 120km/h. Ive seen sparks and waves, even honda cubs for that matter going faster than that.
  10. after more than 2 months of waiting for parts, lots of talking and countless times hesitantly uttering the phrase "probably will be done in...", my baby has finally went under the knife =) Work is still currently under progress, but shes currently at my friends workshop and has begun first stages of stripping down. Just to get you guys(those who are interested anyways) excited, heres a list of things thats going to be done 1)Converting to premix 2)Flat top piston + flat top cylinder head conversion 3)Some "touch up" of the block/cylinder/barrel. Those whom I've spoken to know what im talk
  11. Was supposed to do it during the weekend but i was down with a horrible fever. Cant rmb the last time i was that sick. Spent the whole of friday and saturday sleeping. I didnt even shower. lol. Anyway i should be doing it this coming wkend. Cant wait to ride!
  12. If u read properly theres a recent post by bro sub zero stating his bad experience with rock oil.
  13. thanx alot man, will try it out... ur running wifout snorkel rite? u got a filter on or juz e empty air box? e atomisers they've run out of stock... coming in ard 2 weeks later...

  14. yep definitely nd to readjust the screw if u have messed with the pilot circuit. i suggest u try the 38 pilot ah. works great for me. Maybe get a dp 264 or dp 262 atomiser too. The stock dp 266 is too big. bt these things are expensive. ard 40 bucks.

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