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  1. Hi Zed,


    It's me Aiden, I met you probably 8 years ago when we were riding cbr150s.. :)

    I hope your doing well, wanted to get in touch again for some tips on carbon fiber.

    My number is 8809 2887, i hope you see this message and get in touch soon.




  2. Hi Zed,


    Are you able some covering on my ST 11 such as both side mirror's and the 2 side boxes only the painted side . Do advise and how long it will take to do if possible and also the cost ??? .


    Thanks Bro

  3. hi bro,


    Can you contact me at 97422266 regards to wrapping of my car interior




  4. Hi bro i need another plate. Coz its already warped coz of the heat. haha..

  5. bro i wan 2 buy the tank cap cover 4 my busa. and can u do the carbon cover 4 the busa body frame?. sha hp:90260871

  6. hello bro...

    Nice work, how much will it cost to wrap a TA200 yoke?

  7. Hi bro,


    Nice work!

  8. Good business bro!!!



  9. hey bro.... i wld like to re-carbonwrap my akraprovic street legal pipe...

    how much is d cost? thx!

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