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  1. Bro u in Gedong Camp? I keen leh...

  2. I saw bluesens at arab st again! This time no rider to smile at.
  3. Its not no defensive, combatants not allowed to park. outside my camp mah. NSR250! Andy lau wannabe la! LOL
  4. Can can! HAHA! Got anyone you guys know interested? At lim chu kang.
  5. Ever since my DRZ lost I playing wit 250cc alr! You wanna take over or nt??!! Sell you cheap cheap! HAHA
  6. Not die die wanna sell la... Since its fully paid i can still keep it. Haha. Thinking of downgrading for NS leh. I everytime kenna weekend duties nowadays. No time ride also. Siansation!
  7. Not really die die selling la. If got a good offer for my almost stock slow bike i dont mind letting go. Itchy backside wanna change bike. Haha! You upgrading uh?
  8. Yoyoyo peeps!! Anyone interested in 2Stroke 250ccs?
  9. Any of you got friends or whoever interested in PGM?
  10. I think i saw yours at RP, parked beside you once. White red paintwork right?
  11. You riding tooooooooo fast la! I just parked bike, saw you then SMOKE OUT! It happened so FA5T! HAHA
  12. Your budget so highh??!! I can get them at 5bucks a pair! HAHAHAHHAA!! Tml I check alr msg you!
  13. I think I can get them for you. Just the endcans? Whats your budget?
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