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  1. Hi.you can check out bmwmcs.org that organises a monthly breakfast ride for bm bikers... Cheerio.

  2. hi salam perkenalan....me riding s4 stay wdlds :)

  3. ouh.. wudnt u wanna get s10?

  4. Its my frens bike i took over.not very sure but i guess it abt 19-21k last yr

  5. hey... saw your mail.. hw much u bought for tenere 660?

  6. ya i ride up very often. every week in fact. 2 weeks ago went to genting. last week rode up KL

  7. Hi I'm riding tenere 660.do u often ride up?I seldom ride my bike but wld luv to find someone to ride wit.

  8. Power sister!!

  9. used to ride cbr6... then 1000... now tenere 660

  10. Hey u message me, my cbr400 sold late last year and am riding cbr600rr now. you pun ehk cbr600rr??

  11. hi u riding cbr400 fr1735r is it? first owner was my ex husband and we got it back as the 3rd owner.

  12. gue tinggal wdls kak.. kalao mendak picit gua je kak..81341034..text..cheers sis..

  13. hi man... sorry bz wit work. if u wanna contact me u can pm me or sms me. tak susah tau nak cari org in singapore...its really a small place

  14. halo.....senyap je...

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