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  1. Please clear your inbox


    Hi any street legal for Ducati 1098s? Thanks


    LV slip on $2247

    LV full system $3785


    price with installation and before 10% discount

  2. Hands down for PGM
  3. yeah.. rvf very the hot =( got a friend ride to KL before.. nothing happen.. or you can always go for cbr400 at a cheaper price =)
  4. haha.. the heat.. don want to risk coolant explode.. buy a bike that suits your pocket. but also buy the bike that you are in love with =)
  5. no ah.. haha i anyhow post on fb one..
  6. hellooooooooo any rvf gatherings ?
  7. i think my rvf cannot take it.. haha you will need at least a few k's to prepare for the worst.. RVF buy like wont regret unless you sway sway bought the problematic bike.. haha
  8. dono leh.. the paper say manufacture in 2001.. heh registered in 2003.. ahhh
  9. how about the youngest rvf ? hehe only 9years old by the end of the year..
  10. what racer beng ._____. im no racer and im no beng =D
  11. haha, sure got fb ? easier contact.. so the ohlins RVF ..
  12. bedok north where? i block 80.. =)
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