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  1. Hi Rickrox, i've saw your ad on the 125z and i think if we really swop, you need to top me $300. as mine is FY Plate and is the more expensive model x1 with electric start and i have change alot of things too and my mileage is 53k only and the outlook condition is 10 / 10 whereby yours i tink need to touch up and coe 2013 only.

  2. Hey bro, i have a overhaul 125z for sale, whatever spoil or can't be use, i have changed. Really took care of it. Main thing is conrod is original =) My asking price is down to 1.5k (nego) although COE is only till 2013. I really took the time and effort to understand this bike and do what is necessary to keep the bike at its best condition. so ya. if interested, hope u could come down to take a look first and test before we could discuss further ya. Sms me at 97398143. Thank you for ur time! Btw, U can also use my insurance if u are 20 and above ya..i will tell u more when u msg or call me..easier ya =) hope to cya msg soon!


    you can view at : http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php/323458-WTS-Overhauled-condition-FW-125Z-With-INSURANCE-left-to-use-or-Trade-with-Wave

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