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  1. i think the new road that opened leads to the end of the highway, left go gelang patah, right go pontian (small roads). quite nice view oso along the road...
  2. wah... very evil sia that guy. but thank goodness u're alright, can't imagine if the wheels locked...
  3. haiz... why 2 ppl say diff things, abit confusing. say i have msian intl riding license, i can still buy sg based license rite? just tat i can't ride in sg isit? but i can tow the bike to msia and ride it there, isit? like this can claim sg insurance if anything happen?
  4. i ride at jb, chip chip ony. only rm25/45min. other place at least 2-3 times more exp. riders lodge is very nice, but quite exp oso. my fren want to go wif me and he want to wear ff helmet and take picture astride the horse hahaha idiot. he oso forumer here. ppl who ride horses also love bikes, tat's my experience. dunno abt bikers?
  5. Hi guys, I got some noob qns to ask... pls dun flame me. I have searched this section before i decided to post this qns, and also went thru 16 pages to look for the answers... but very little info out there. So what I would like to know is, ok I know that msians have been buying sg bikes and riding it in msia which is possible and perfectly legal. In addition, a local billing and storage address is required. The mentioned msian buyer is a Singapore PR as well. Bike is assumed to be more than 500cc. 1) I would like to know what type(1st, 2nd, 3rd) and country of origin(buy in sg or msia
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