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  1. Hey guys, Can anyone provide a ballpark figure for Monster 1100 Evo pricing at Minerva? The last time I went down was a few months ago when I was keen on getting the 848 Evo - but I've been smitten with the Monster fever - so kind of deciding between the 3 models as the pricelist I have with me only have the pricing for the 696 and 796. If you can't post here, could someone perhaps PM me on the Monster 1100 Evo price? Thanks!
  2. Thanks man. Looks like you're the only one who answered my question. On top of that - i DID go down on 22nd and they said if I had come down on 21st, its not 1 year. So there. Anyway, Prac 1, 2 and 3 all cleared - 1st time each. TP on Feb 10th. Haha! And to those guys who had negative comments, I guess after reading this, you will now USE this newfound knowledge courtesy of ME to other people who ask, and will probably bring it up during conversations with people with 2A. I guess change is definitely not one of your constants.
  3. Hi guys, Can provide recommendation on which shop would be suitable to get brand new R1? Not looking to pay full cash, perhaps 30-40% downpayment, and ideally doesnt have early settlement penalty (so can clear loan when bonus come in), good service, low interest and acceptable machine price. Thanks
  4. Hey dude, I'm selling my RS125 '03 version. If you're interested, let me know!



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