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  1. eh hello kia han!

    it's jeremy la. i was surfing surfing here then happened to see your nick here. how are you? still riding yr SP to marina? haha.

    now i ride bicycle only, maybe next time can find you to eat chicken wing bee hoon at yr house there.

    you got go back for reservist so far?

  2. think its not tired ba... u r too excited le...haha...
  3. haha...but i wan to noe the location...my colleague wanna go there and take photo...any bro noe the exact location??
  4. any bro noe the dirt track at tuas ma?? u all noe how to go?? wheres the exact location??
  5. haha..see u on msn then wanna chat wif u ma..nv reply mi in msn.. like tat can ah?? haha...
  6. aiyo..bro..its ok..my fren oso selling bike...he giving mi his foot rest...
  7. bro not i ask u first ah?? wah...bro..tot i ask u in msn??? haha...
  8. hmmmm...so long nv go out wif u all le...so many things happen i oso dunno...
  9. haha...mi stay home..cousin and frens coming my hse play mahjong...
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