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  1. seriously need of help. my sporty 883R is dead. battery gone flat. advice where to get this done. may need to do servicing too. and maybe change the rear fender to a nightster's. Helpppppppp.
  2. Anyone know where to get Beanie helmet. Looking for other local source, besides Ah Boy. Thks.
  3. hi, New 883R rider here. Bought mine from "skination". Glad to know there is quite a no. Of 883r's out there. Question? Any one installed alarm on their bikes? Need to know if there wld be any issues if i did so. Thks.
  4. hellooooooooo, brother Intruder Yup, i'm still around, and so is my Max; though it's laid-up again at the moment (got to get our priorities right ???!) waiting till $Bonus again, b4 getting the Vmax up and about again. actually i need it more now (inspite of $petrol prices are up, up and away), but banging all on my Runner is pretty risky, bike down and i'm off from work
  5. petrol consumtion is on the Very High side. but than again the Kick Feeling u get is ..............PRiceless. This is One bike a Rider should at least Ride once in their LIFetime! SportBike may give U that Speed, but the Vmax gives the BOOST. It almost like Drinking Beer against Alcohol, Both gives u the HIgh, but alcohol Kicks in like POW! and then your GOne
  6. u're not the only one waiting for a new fazer to appear; probably one with fuel injection. don't care much for undertail exhaust. if this does happen; all those current fazers resale value sure to drop like durian. then they'll be ripe for upgraders to pick. :bounce:
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